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Spark Plug Leads & Extensions
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Altronic offers a complete line of ignition spark plug leads for use on standard applications as well as for applications operating in areas requiring Class I, Division 2, Group D compliance. These high quality industrial leads are available with a wide variety of primary and secondary terminations for use with unshielded and shielded coils as well as standard and shielded spark plugs. FLASHGUARD® secondary lead assemblies, which incorporate an integral 5,000 ohm resistor and tight-fitting silicone or Teflon boots, provide longer spark plug life and excellent durability. Engine-related digital controls and instrumentation also benefit from the reduction in RFI (electrical “noise”) brought about by the built-in resistor.

FLASHGUARD® spark plug leads are also available with special extensions for deep well applications.

Altronic Flashguard Plug Lead

· Rebuild able
· Extremely tight seal to spark plug
· 5,000 ohm integral resistor
· Silicone or Teflon boots
· Used with shielded or unshielded ignition coils
· Standard and extended barrel lengths available
· “Universal” leads available

Altronic Safe-T-Lead

· Certified for use in Class I, Division 2, Group D hazardous areas
· Non-metallic lead adds no additional load to ignition system thus improving the level of energy delivery and overall spark plug life
· Unlike metallic shielded leads, allows the user to employ conventional troubleshooting tools (timing lights, etc.)
· Excellent for corrosive environments (offshore, H2S)

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BG Services Ignition Products have been world-renowned for over 95 years and have a well-established reputation for providing the exceptional reliability so necessary in today’s industrial-oilfield applications. BG products are manufactured with exceptional care to extremely precise tolerances to assure maximum consistency in performance and long-term reliability. For additional information contact your nearest BG distributor or factory direct.

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STITT Established in Ohio in 1916 as the LaFrench Power Spark Plug Company. Renamed Stitt Ignition Co. in 1918 in honor of the first chief engineer, Benton Stitt. Acquired in 1951 by A. R. Brenholts Sr. and moved to Conroe, Texas. Today’s Stitt Spark Plug Company is one of the oldest continuously active spark plug manufacturers in the world. Thank you for your interest in our company, our products, and our services.

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