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Primary Leads offers a complete line of ignition spark plug leads for use on standard applications as well as for applications operating in areas requiring Class I, Division 2, Group D compliance. These high quality industrial leads are available with a wide variety of primary and secondary terminations for use with unshielded and shielded coils as well as standard and shielded spark plugs.

FLASHGUARD ® secondary lead assemblies, which incorporate an integral 5,000 ohm resistor and tight-fitting silicone or Teflon boots, provide longer spark plug life and excellent durability. Engine-related digital controls and instrumentation also benefit from the reduction in RFI (electrical “noise”) brought about by the built-in resistor.

FLASHGUARD ® spark plug leads are also available with special extensions for deep well applications.

• High quality, corrosion-resistant components for heavy duty industrial applications • Wide variety of ignition coil and spark plug termination options
• Shielded and unshielded configurations available
• Boot and lead assemblies, featuring integral 5,000 ohm resistor and high quality boot construction, improve flashover resistance, plug performance, and reduce RFI

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