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CPU-XL (Digital Ignition System)
line The Altronic CPU-XL VariSpark is a 24-VDC-powered digital ignition system for large gas engines and integral compressors. It combines the reliability and operating simplicity of first- and second-generation ignition systems such as the II-CPU and CPU- 2000, with Altronic’s newly-patented spark control capability and system diagnostics.

CPU-XL VariSpark 11-12: CPU-XL VariSpark Brochure
CPU-XL VariSpark IOM 11-12: CPU-XL VariSpark Installation and Operating Manual

CPU-XL VariSpark AL 11-12: CPU-XL VariSpark Application List
CPU-XL VariSpark APP DWGS 7-11: CPU-XL Application Drawings
CPU-2000 (Digital Ignition System)
line Altronic CPU-2000 is a 24 Vdc-powered, microprocessor- based digital ignition system for application to large natural gas- fueled engines. Advanced control, diagnostic, display, commu- nications, and emissions-reduction features allow for monitoring and control of the engine’s ignition and combustion. An optional Diagnostic Module, easily retrofit to existing CPU-2000 instal- lations, enables users to monitor and act upon changes in spark voltage demand.

CPU-2000 10-09: CPU-2000 Brochure
CPU-2000 AL 1-02: CPU-2000 Application List
CPU-2000 II 9-97: CPU-2000 Installation Instructions
CPU-2000 OI 8-02: CPU-2000 Operating Instructions
CPU-2000 PI 9-01: CPU-2000 Terminal Program Instructions
CPU-2000 SI 9-97: CPU-2000 Service Instructions
CPU-II (Digital Ignition System)
Coming Soon! Altronic II-CPUignition system is a microcircuit-based, capacitor discharge system applicable to low and medium speed, high BMEP engines with 3-20 cylinders. This high technology system utillizes crankshaft-refrenced timing which provides a new standard of timing accuracy and stability by eliminating dependence on mechanical engine drives, gears, chains, couplings and encoders.

AII-CPU 3-88: Altronic II-CPU Brochure
AII-CPU AL 7-94: Altronic II-CPU Application List
AII-CPU II 6-88: Altronic II-CPU Installation Instructions (ALT.)
DC-CPU II 6-88: Altronic II-CPU Installation Instructions (DC)
AII-CPU-D SI 4-91: Altronic II-CPU Service Instructions
CPU-95 (Digital Ignition System)
line The Altronic CPU-95 is a 24 Vdc- powered, microprocessor-based digital ignition system designed for application to medium-range industrial gas engines. Advantages include a full-featured user display and interface, spark characteri - stic control, advanced timing adjustment options, serial communications, and state-of-the-art diagnostics. Full access to all CPU-95 operating data and control functionality is available through an advanced, user-friendly Dis - play Module as well as via a PC operating the provided CPU-95 Terminal Program.

CPU-95 5-12: CPU-95 Brochure
CPU-95 AL 4-08: CPU-95 Application List
CPU-95 II 4-08: CPU-95 Installation Instructions
CPU-95 OI 4-08: CPU-95 Operating Instructions
CPU-95 OI-E 2-10: CPU-95 Operating Instructions, Enhanced Display
CPU-95 PI 4-08: CPU-95 Terminal Program Instructions
CPU-95 SI 4-08: CPU-95 Service Instructions
CPU-95 II-C 6-97: CPU-95C Installation Instructions
CPU-95 OI-C 6-97: CPU-95C Operating Instructions
CPU-95 PI-C 6-97: CPU-95C Terminal Program Instructions
CPU-90 (Digital Ignition System)
Coming Soon! The Altronic CPU-90 ignition system is a 12-24 VDC powered, microcircuit-based, digital ignition system applicable to a wide range of industrial engines. The system, which has no moving parts, delivers unparal-leled timing accuracy and stability by eliminating depen-dence on mechanical engine drives, gears, chains and couplings. The CPU-90 also features the capability to precisely control ignition timing electronically as alum-tion of either engine RPM or an external analog control signal. The features of the Altronic CPU-90 ignition system lead to improved engine operation through a more balanced combustion process. Selectable energy output plus several modes of timing adjustment are available in all models.

CPU-90 8-92: CPU-90 Brochure
CPU-90 AL 6-93: CPU-90 Application List
CPU-90 II 6-93: CPU-90 Installation Instructions
791901 II 8-95: CPU-90 Interface Unit 791901
CPU-90 SI 6-93: CPU-90 Service Instructions
CD-1 (Digital Ignition System)
line CDI is a capacitor-discharge, electron c microcircuit-based ignition system for small Ito 8 cylinder industrial engines. The system, powered from 12-24VDC, has no moving parts. Step-up cons, either individual (one per cylinder) or a suit -tower coil module (one serving 4015 cylinders) are used to eliminate the conventional ugh-tension distributor. Employing digital circuitry, the COI unit processes signals from a magnetic pickup, sensing drilled reference holes or protru-sions. This provides accurate and consistent timing referenced directly to the engine's crankshaft or camshaft. The CD1 uses the high energy, capacitor Mscharge (C.D.) pnriciPle which Pro-vides maximum engine performance and can extend spark plug life three to five times compared to an inductive system.

CD1 6-97: CDI Brochure
CDI II 8-93: CDI Installation Instructions
CD-200 (Digital Ignition System)
line The Altronic CD200 Series are high energy, digital, capacitor- discharge ignition systems designed for use on 1- to 16-cylinder industrial gas engines. Available in unshielded (70 Series) and shielded (80, 90 Series), these DC-powered systems eliminate maintenance-intensive mechanical distributor ignition systems. With no moving parts, they employ microprocessor technology to provide high-end control features and operational flexibility across the range of suitable applications.

CD200 11-11: CD200 Brochure
CD200 II 5-07: CD200 Installation Instructions
CD200D II 9-10: CD200D Installation Instructions
DISN (Digital Ignition System)
Coming Soon! The Altronic DISN 800 is a 12-24 Vdc powered, micro-circuit-based digital ignition system applicable to small and medium-sized stationary gas engines. These systems, which are offered leg. 12 and 16 output versions, eliminate moving parts and deliver high timing accuracy and stability by eliminating magneto drive gears and couplings. DISN 800 systems apply engines with up to 16 cylinders, with even or odd firing patterns. Incorporating capacitor discharge technology, the DISN 800 systems provide maximum engine performance and extended spark plug life.

DISN800C 1-96: DISN 800C Series Brochure
DISN800C AL 1-96: DISN 800C Series Application List
DISN800C II 11-97: DISN 800C Series Installation Instructions
DISN801M 6-97: DISN 801M Brochure
DISN801M II 6-97: DISN 801M Series Installation Instructions
DISN400 SI 6-93: DISN 801M Series Installation Instructions
DISN800 SI 12-95: DISN 700/800/801 Series Service Instructions
DISN800CM SI 6-97: 800C/801C/801M Service Instructions
Altronic I

Altronic I ignition consists of a permanent magnet alternator unit, one or more remote mounted pick-ups sensing crankshaft-referenced timing magnets and an ignition coil for each spark plug. The system alternator provides the power for the electronic box mounted to it. The electronic box rectifies the alternator s AC voltage to DC, stores the energy in a capacitor, then releases the stored energy through an SCR electronic switch to the ignition coil(s).

AI 8-90: Altronic I Brochure
AI AL 3-02: Altronic I Application List
AI II 3-02: Altronic I Installation Instructions
AI-6 II 1-94: Altronic I-6 Installation Instructions
AI-S 4-94: Altronic I Shielded System
AI SM 3-02: Altronic I Service Manual

Altronic II

Altronic II is an alternator-powered; capacitor dis-charge ignition system for 3 to 20 cylinder, 2 or 4. cycle, low speed, high BMEP engines. Powered from a 12-pole permanent magnet alternator, Altronic II provides superior performance throughout the engine's operating range. Its basic design features - permanent magnet alternator. easily serviced, removable back cover containing all electronics; and simple, reliable electronic circuitry • have made Altronic II the standard of the industry on large, slow speed industrial gas engines.
Mechanical design is consistent with the long life inherent in the electronic circuitry. Sealed ball bearings are used throughout.

AII 8-87: Altronic II Brochure
AII AL 1-89: Altronic II Application List
AII II 7-85: Altronic II Installation Instructions
AII SM 3-90: Altronic II Service Manual

Altronic III

Altronic Ill s a self-powered, low-tension, capacitor discharge Ignition system or 310 16 cylinder, 2 or 4-cycle engines. Powered from a 12-pole permanent magnet alternator, Altronic Ill provides superior performance throughout the engine's operating range. Its basic design features - permanent magnet alternator: easily serviced, removable back cover containing all electronics; and simple. reliable electronic circuitry - have made Altronic Ill the standard of the industry on medium to large industrial gas engines.

Altronic Ill's mechanical design matches the long life inherent in the electronic circuitry. Sealed ball bearings used throughout are large and under-loaded. The alternator has a smooth rotating cycle - a characteristic which contributes to prolonged bearing and gear life. The synthetic elastomer couplings used provide long life with minimal wear and also dampen out much or the engine drive train vibration.

AIII 8-87: Altronic III Brochure
AIII AL 12-95: Altronic III Application List
AIII II 4-92: Altronic III Installation Instructions
AIII SM 3-11: Altronic III Service Manual
AIII-CPU SI 4-91: Altronic III-CPU Service Manual

Altronic V

Altronic V is a self powered low-tension capacitor discharge ignition system for I to 6 cylinder, 2 or 4-cycle engines. The Altronic V unit can be furnished with any number of output channels between 1 and 6. For 4-cycle applications. a choice is offered on units using the exhaust stroke firing principle or units firing on the compression stroke only Altronic V has internal timing pick-up coils combined with Altronic's proven 8-pole permanent magnet alternator to give high output low engine cranking speeds. The electronic circuit has a minimum of components for maximum reliability. and all are mounted on the units removable back cover for ease of service.

AV 1-86: Altronic V Brochure
AV AL 2-95: Altronic V Application List
AV II 2-95: Altronic V Installation Instructions
AV SM 12-96: Altronic V Service Manual

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