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Gov 10/50 Series The GOV10/50 series is both a fuel valve and electronic gov- ernor integrated into a single unit. These governors fit a wide range of fuel injected engines including integral types such as Cooper Bessemer, Clark, Ingersoll Rand and Worthington, and separable types such as White Superior and MEP. The GOV10 model is used on engines up to approximately 3,500 hp, where- as the GOV50 applies to engines from 3,500 to 10,000 hp.
GOV 8-10: GOV10/50 Gas Engine Governor
GOV OM 10-02: GOV10/50 Operating Manual (Original Series)
GOV OM 4-06: GOV10/50 Operating Manual (A Series)
GOV SM 8-07: GOV10/50 Service Manual

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