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Altronic The Altronic DET-1600/1620 Detonation Sensing Monitors are 24VDC-powered, 32-bit microprocessor-based electronic instru- ments designed for use on natural gas-fueled engines to detect detonation and misfire and avoid consequential engine damage. Industry-standard, low-cost, piezoelectric vibration sensors are mounted directly on the engine and are used to transform the vibrations caused by combustion into electrical signals which are then evaluated by the DET device. These values – generated for every cylinder on a cycle-by-cycle basis – are then measured against misfire and detonation setpoints configured by the user for the monitored engine. The monitor accepts up to 16 detonation sensors that are wired to pluggable Phoenix-type connectors; the recommended configuration is one sensor per cylinder.

DET-1600/1620 10-09: Detonation Sensing Monitor Brochure
DET-1600 IOM 11-09: DET-1600 Installation Operating Manual
DET-1620 WD 4-10: DET-1620 Wiring Diagrams

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