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45PHL Series Altronic 45PHL series pressure switch-gauges offer a new standard for a mechanical pressure gauge with high/low switch contacts. Utilizing a "direct drive" movement, the antiquated C-bourdon tube used in most other pressure gauges is eliminated as are the gears, links, levers and springs used to connect the C-tube to the indicating pointer. The 45PHL series uses a special helically-wound coil of Inconel, directly connected to the indicating pointer. Fewer parts, fewer problems. The "direct drive" design provides for longer life than even liquid-filled conventional gauges in severe service applications. The basic design is inherently safer due to the very small tube I.D. and a rubber blow-out plug in the rear wall of the case. It is also more resistant to pulsation.

45PHL 7-02: 45PHL Pressure Switch-Gauge Brochure
45PHL II 3-03: 45PHL Installation Instructions
DPS-1591DP Altronic DPS-1591DP is an advanced digital/bar-graph gauge for pressure display, monitoring and protection. The gauge features a large 0.75 inch digital readout, accurate to ±0.25% of full scale, and a 25-segment analog arc bar-graph. The integral pressure transducer is a high quality all stainless steel media-isolated sensor with no internal o-rings, silicone oil or welds. The gauge is intended for use in the measurement of gases and liquids compatible with stainless steel.

DPS1591 10-09: DPS-1591 Digital Pressure Gauge Brochure
DPS1591 II 11-02: DPS-1591DP Installation Instructions
DPYH-1300U Altronic DPYH-1300U series temperature gauges are solid-state instruments which give a continuous temperature readout and have an alarm/shutdown capability at a user-adjusted temperature limit. Using industry-standard thermocouple probes, all models can be selected for either Fahrenheit or Centigrade readout. Power is from industrial C.D. ignition systems or 12-48 Vdc. The solid-state output limit switch can be used with Altronic annunciators or other specified devices (such as solenoids or conventional relays) operated from D.C. current.

DPYH1300U 4-97: DPYH-1300U Digital Temperature Gauge Brochure
DPYH13U II 6-94: DPYH-1301U/1392U Installation Instructions
DPYH1379U II 4-97: DPYH-1379U Installation Instructions
DPYH43U 7-00: DPYH-4300U Series Digital Pyrometer Brochure
DPYH43 II 1-93: DPYH-4320/4354U-J/K Installation Instructions
DPYH4354U II 7-00: DPYH-4354U Installation Instructions
DPYH4390U II 7-00: DPYH-4390U Installation Instructions
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